The 2 Greatest Presents to Give to Children

Everybody start life as a child, and as a child we demand certain things. We want love and attention, somewhere to eat, sleep and feel safe and once or twice, or in fact, as often as possible, the odd present. There is a remarkable consistency in the type of presents children ask for as they pass through different age groups. Girls will at some point ask for a pony and will eventually want clothes and make-up, while boys will predictably go through a phase of asking for a football and eventually may well want a season ticket for their favourite team. But what are the most popular present’s kids have always asked for since the end of World War 2?


One of the most common things every child will want at some stage in their childhood is a bike. Both boys and girls will either see one of their peers or siblings with a bike or see someone older whizzing around on two wheels and immediately ask for one. The exciting thing about a bike is that it gives you a freedom that you wouldn’t have on foot. With a bike you can cross long distances, race your friends, jump over things, and start looking cool. Children like being outside and have a lot of energy so the bike has been a popular gift ever since they became affordable to the masses. The only down side is that they are hard to wrap! Keep in mind that kids bike helmets are also an essential buy. Although you can spend lots on a bike there are also many cheap kids bikes for sale. Striking that right balance of spending the right amount of money on a bike that might perhaps last a few years is a tough choice, but as with all things, you get what you pay for!


A major headache has formed in the back of every parent whose child has come home from school or from a friend’s house, or just watched ’101 Dalmations’ for the first time and asked for a puppy. How much will this cost? How are we going to look after it? What if it goes to the loo everywhere? What if it runs away? What if it dies? All these worries will have jumped into parents confronted with a wide eyed son or daughter pleading with every bone in their body. The cost and the hassle will pale into insignificance when you experience life with a dog. The joy and happiness brought into a family by a life of dog ownership, especially when they are properly looked after, means that a puppy is amongst the best gifts for children. Whatever your situation; if you are a kid, or you have a kid or you have just grown out of being a kid, you will know that either one of these gifts will or would have made your childhood exponentially better.

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