Selling Real Estate With a Good Presentation Is A Good Plan

My life revolves around giving tests. I teach a week long real estate pre license class and give a test. Students are always worried about the test. Years ago, one of my students gave me a T shirt that said on the front “If it is not on the test, I don’t care”. This describes most of my students’ attitude. After you leave school, everything is a test.

In real estate sales, we go out and look for a prospect. We prepare to meet with that prospect. When we meet with that prospect, that is the test. One or two things is going to happen. That prospect is going to list with you or not list with you. If they list with you, you earn money. If they do not list with you you do not earn any money. It is a pass-fail test. The more tests you pass, the more money you make.

This is a simple concept. Most new Realtors do not seem to grasp this concept. The more tests you pass, the more money you make. If you grasp this concept, how many tests do you want to take? Lots! Your entire income is dependent upon how many presentations you make and how well you make them. Is that simple? Is that true? Yes it is true. The more people that say yes to you, the more money you make. It is simple. It is true.

Talk to a lot of people. Make a lot of listing presentations. The more presentations you make the more money you make. If you only make one presentation per week, it better be a good one. If you are making two presentations per day, you are going to make a good living in real estate sales.

Consider this. If one man makes one presentation per week and his twin brother makes two presentations per day, which one is probably making the best presentations. You know the answer. Even if Mr. Oneperweek is making a better presentations, Mr. Twoperday will get more listings with his less than perfect presentation done more frequently.

Suggestion number one is see more people. Suggestion number two is get good at making that presentation. Get excellent at it. Practice it on real people. Use your visual aids. Use animation. Tell great stories. Plan your closes. Know the answer to all the objections. Get serious about getting their signature on that listing. This is a simple concept. The more prospects you see, the more will say yes and the more money you will make.

See lots of people.

Make a perfect presentation.

I often ask my sales training classes “If a terrorist came into the room and announced that he was going to blow up the room unless someone could show him why he should list his house with a Realtor”, would you volunteer to make that presentation? Your answer should be yes because you are sure there is no one that can do it better than you. You should be prepared to make that presentation. you should know exactly what you are going to say. You should know what points you need to cover. You should know what questions you intend to ask. You need to know that your presentation is excellent. Your visual aids are perfect. Your qualifying questions are right on. You are not shooting from the hip. You are not hoping for the best. You are prepared. You have a planned presentation. You have practiced it. You have perfected it. You are ready.

If this is not so, when would be a good time to start making it so. You know. Now!

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