Present SEO to Satisfy Logic Search

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
I have gone through search engine results so many times and I believe that internet users should also be protected to get reliable information from the search engine result lists. Some of the main source ingredients of the present SEO results are the tags: Titles, Keywords, Descriptions and Contents.

Search engine result lists are originating from the data records available in the internet websites’ databases. However these are human made wherein the search engine spiders can also be subjected to confusions. An internet user may be a victim of internet malpractices by getting needed information from search engine result lists, unaware of the objectives of the websites therein.

Logic Search
The creation of the world started with logic ideas. It was perfectly planned wherein the living creatures can search, work and obtain what they need. Every living generation are being provided with new talents, ideas and discoveries to supply their needs. Logic is the effect that will happen after an action is being done. It can give expanded information results. It is like the numbers 1 to 9 and 0 that are in the database but it could produce numerous values that are not in the database.

Every idea and discovery, old or new, have own logic base. It covers the past, present and the future, visible and invisible, which are the reasons why the present Search Engines could not cope to the same level as the Logic Search.

Logic Search can identify if the website is created honestly or not. It can segregate advertised products and services that are fake or not. It can detect deceiving ideas. Also it can give result lists in groups as required by internet users. These information may have legal controversies.

I am not an expert. These are just my ideas as a newbie in SEO. Hoping that I did not offend anyone.

Mixed Ideas
Our Creator also provided us opposing ideas to arrive at the best known solution. Because nobody is perfect in this world, living creatures are gifted with different talents for changes, developments, requirements, discoveries and production of daily necessities.

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