How to Present a Treasurer’s Report

Not that your reports aren’t important; in fact, they’re vital to your organisation’s financial health. The point we want to make is that you don’t need to stress about presenting a report. If you’re a new treasurer or feeling a touch nervous, you can note your key points on paper first. But as you grow in confidence and knowledge, you’ll find it easy to glance over your accounts and deliver succinct, yet relevant, information off the cuff.

Of course, using accounting software helps. The right software automatically generates the figures you need in the Treasurer’s Report format, so you don’t have to write up any financial statements. What’s more, these figures stand alone, so you can simply hand them to your secretary to file when you’ve finished presenting your report. However, if you don’t have appropriate software, you will need to prepare financial statements based on the information in this article.

Whatever accounting method you use, the structure of the ideal treasurer’s report is the same:

You start with a summary
Continue with an overview of your organisation’s income and expenses
Expand the overview by providing more detailed financial information for specific activities and areas of operation
Finish with housekeeping matters.

Kick-off with a brief summary of your accounts, including important matters for the committee’s attention and your opinion on your current financial position. These might include:

• Unexpected income or expenses

• Overdue money owed to your organisation

• Financial issues, such as poor cashflow or relying too much on credit and savings

• Updates on legal requirements, such as GST.

Category Report

Also known as a Cash Report, this is a summary of the income and expenses from your main bank account year to date. Start with the total amount earned and spent. Then break this down by category, comparing each one against your budget (the right software automatically generates this comparison for you).

For example, your organisation’s income might have been $3,500 for the month. Of this, $3,000 came from grants, which you anticipated in your budget. The other $500 came from events, which you had budgeted to earn twice as much.

Meanwhile, your expenses for the month might have been $1,150. Of this $150 was spent on the events, which was $100 less than expected. At $1,000, your operating expenses were your main cost, which matches your budget forecast.

Other Bank Accounts

If your organisation has other bank accounts, you need to briefly outline balances and transactions. For example, your savings account might contain $416 and have earned $3 interest this month. If there is a lot of activity in those accounts they may also require a detailed report.

Petty Cash

Note how much petty cash was spent for the month and on which major items. This is a good time to have the other signatories in your committee sign a cash cheque for the total amount of the receipts presented to top your petty cash float back up to the original amount.


This is where you go into more detail about individual events – whether for fundraising or other purposes – drawing attention to both income and expenses. As with your Category Report, you need to compare these figures against your budget (again, the right treasurer software automatically generates this comparison for you). For instance, a sausage sizzle may have earned $200 and cost $50, which was in keeping with the amount you budgeted. In contrast, your annual Christmas party might have earned nothing, but cost $1,000. This loss is not necessarily a bad thing – you may have planned for the party to be a purely social event and anticipated a loss.

Member Fees

As with above, this is your opportunity to go into more detail about income gained from member fees. If relevant, note which groups, or sections, of your organisation this came from. For example, your junior members may have contributed $2,000, or 60%, of your membership fees for the month.

It is also helpful to provide information on:

• The percentage of expected fees that have been received so far this year

• Overdue fees received from previous years

• Fees received in advance for next year.

Cheques for Ratification

Draw your committee’s attention to cheques that need to be ratified. Essentially, this is about confirming that money has been spent on goods or services that your committee has previously approved.

And That’s It!

Assuming it’s fine, your committee will approve your report by moving and seconding that it be accepted as accurate. If there’s a problem, they’ll probably accept it on the condition you make any required amendments and resubmit your financial statements for filing.

Wait… a Few More Tips

Hold the committee’s attention – aim for a report that is comprehensive, yet concise and easy-to-understand.
Avoid using jargon – your committee members may not have strong accounting skills, so deliver your report in simple, everyday language.
Add real value to your report by analysing the financial information you have at hand. For example, how could trends or patterns be applied to future strategic planning? And what can you learn from an unsuccessful fundraising activity?
Always sign and date your report.
Circulate copies of your report well before your monthly meeting to give committee members time to read and digest the information.

The 2 Greatest Presents to Give to Children

Everybody start life as a child, and as a child we demand certain things. We want love and attention, somewhere to eat, sleep and feel safe and once or twice, or in fact, as often as possible, the odd present. There is a remarkable consistency in the type of presents children ask for as they pass through different age groups. Girls will at some point ask for a pony and will eventually want clothes and make-up, while boys will predictably go through a phase of asking for a football and eventually may well want a season ticket for their favourite team. But what are the most popular present’s kids have always asked for since the end of World War 2?


One of the most common things every child will want at some stage in their childhood is a bike. Both boys and girls will either see one of their peers or siblings with a bike or see someone older whizzing around on two wheels and immediately ask for one. The exciting thing about a bike is that it gives you a freedom that you wouldn’t have on foot. With a bike you can cross long distances, race your friends, jump over things, and start looking cool. Children like being outside and have a lot of energy so the bike has been a popular gift ever since they became affordable to the masses. The only down side is that they are hard to wrap! Keep in mind that kids bike helmets are also an essential buy. Although you can spend lots on a bike there are also many cheap kids bikes for sale. Striking that right balance of spending the right amount of money on a bike that might perhaps last a few years is a tough choice, but as with all things, you get what you pay for!


A major headache has formed in the back of every parent whose child has come home from school or from a friend’s house, or just watched ’101 Dalmations’ for the first time and asked for a puppy. How much will this cost? How are we going to look after it? What if it goes to the loo everywhere? What if it runs away? What if it dies? All these worries will have jumped into parents confronted with a wide eyed son or daughter pleading with every bone in their body. The cost and the hassle will pale into insignificance when you experience life with a dog. The joy and happiness brought into a family by a life of dog ownership, especially when they are properly looked after, means that a puppy is amongst the best gifts for children. Whatever your situation; if you are a kid, or you have a kid or you have just grown out of being a kid, you will know that either one of these gifts will or would have made your childhood exponentially better.

Present SEO to Satisfy Logic Search

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
I have gone through search engine results so many times and I believe that internet users should also be protected to get reliable information from the search engine result lists. Some of the main source ingredients of the present SEO results are the tags: Titles, Keywords, Descriptions and Contents.

Search engine result lists are originating from the data records available in the internet websites’ databases. However these are human made wherein the search engine spiders can also be subjected to confusions. An internet user may be a victim of internet malpractices by getting needed information from search engine result lists, unaware of the objectives of the websites therein.

Logic Search
The creation of the world started with logic ideas. It was perfectly planned wherein the living creatures can search, work and obtain what they need. Every living generation are being provided with new talents, ideas and discoveries to supply their needs. Logic is the effect that will happen after an action is being done. It can give expanded information results. It is like the numbers 1 to 9 and 0 that are in the database but it could produce numerous values that are not in the database.

Every idea and discovery, old or new, have own logic base. It covers the past, present and the future, visible and invisible, which are the reasons why the present Search Engines could not cope to the same level as the Logic Search.

Logic Search can identify if the website is created honestly or not. It can segregate advertised products and services that are fake or not. It can detect deceiving ideas. Also it can give result lists in groups as required by internet users. These information may have legal controversies.

I am not an expert. These are just my ideas as a newbie in SEO. Hoping that I did not offend anyone.

Mixed Ideas
Our Creator also provided us opposing ideas to arrive at the best known solution. Because nobody is perfect in this world, living creatures are gifted with different talents for changes, developments, requirements, discoveries and production of daily necessities.

Christmas Theatre and Panto Tickets – A Great Present For the Whole Family

Performed in venues across the United Kingdom all through the festive season and beyond, Pantomimes are a British form of amusement. A trip to the panto is as much a part of Christmas as decorating the tree and giving gifts. Do you start to think of Pantomime Dames, Cows and Horses the minute the tinsel hits the shops? Maybe you just love to go to the theatre. Whether you go for the awful jokes or to see your favourite television personalities, you will find a pantomime in your area to go to during the festive season. Originally silent productions, the panto are a mix of folk tales, fairy stories and much loved cartoons which encourage audience participation. The audience gets very involved in the performance with loads of hissing and booing of the baddie and cheering for the hero. Some pantomimes include a song for the audience to join in with and some ask children up on stage to speak to one of the performers. Now-a-days, pantos are really great family entertainments and comedians, pop stars, TV celebrities and sports people often take part in them.

If you are not from the UK, then you might not be familiar with the concept of Panto so we will endeavor to describe it in a nutshell. Just a brief explanation of the plot: The young woman dressed as a young man who is the son of a man dressed as a woman, will win the other girl (dressed as a girl), with the help of a person dressed in an animal skin. Try explaining that to a German, American or someone from the Far East. No matter if the show is set in China, the Never-Never-Land or the City of London it will contain all the elements regarded as essential to a pantomime. Audience involvement is as an important part of English panto custom, as anything I have previously mentioned. And even the most staid members of the audience, suddenly become unrestrained in their enthusiasm to participate. The audience are encouraged to boo the bad character at any time he enters, argue with the Dame, and tip off the Principal Boy when the bad character is behind them, by shouting out “He’s behind you!”

You’ll be able to locate websites providing particulars of all the best Pantomime theatre shows in the United Kingdom. Pantos present Christmas entertainment for all the family. Christmas theatre shows take place in many venues all through the festive period. If you are searching for a pantomime near you, then you’re sure to find something suitable. Just find a Panto show listed in your area and buy tickets on the internet. There are websites that will provide you with details of panto theatres in towns near you with particulars of show times, dates, venue seating, ticket prices and other venue information. There are lots of Panto shows to choose from but some of the most common include Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, Dick Whittington, Aladdin, as well as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Perhaps think about Pantomime tickets as a Christmas present idea for the whole family? Pantomime productions are always a fun family trip and pantomime tickets make an ideal Christmas present for any family.

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