How To Live In The Present By Altering Your Mood

What does living in the present mean to you? Does it sound like a quaint idea and something you should probably do more of? I’m sure you’ve heard of books like The Power of Now, which help you be entirely in the moment, instead of fearful and worried about your past and future. This is easier said than done for many people. As we all know, when you’re feeling low, you could be on a private jet and it wouldn’t make you feel any better. That’s the power of our minds and emotions.

I think the number one thing that can help us live in the present and savor each wonderful moment is to be mindful of our mood the moment we get wake up in the morning. This is such a critical time of day for many reasons. Perhaps you’re vulnerable because you had a bad dream. Or you have something important happening that day and your stomach is in knots. Maybe you have a personal issue that’s been weighing on your mind and it becomes that much more unbearable first thing in the morning. That’s why unless you make the conscious decision to decide your mood then and there, you might end up having a terribly messy day.

My advice to you is the next time you wake up in the morning, no matter what is happening in your life, or how you’ve been feeling lately, tell yourself this:

“I feel amazing right now. This is going to be an amazing day. Wonderful things will happen to me all day long. I’m super excited!” Once you say it, however ‘untrue’ it might be, you will really start to feel it and your mood will change almost instantly. Sure, you may encounter unpleasantness, but if you start your day off right, the odds are in your favor. And in terms of living in the moment, this will undoubtedly help you.

Since your mind will be at ease, you’ll be able to take your time and appreciate the world around you. When you’re on the subway, you’ll focus on an adorable little kid, instead of the overweight person in the seat next to you that’s squishing you into the corner. Just the fact that you’ve convinced yourself that you’re feeling awesome will have a wonderful effect on your day and future days to come. Just try it for a week if you don’t believe me – what do you have to lose? For 7 days straight, wake up saying the sentence above and repeat it throughout the day. I will be shocked if you don’t notice any difference.

I remember this one time I was in an extremely foul mood and it consumed me. I took that sadness with me throughout my day. Then I drove to see a movie and almost got into a devastating car accident. Luckily nothing happened, but I’m almost certain that I attracted that moment because of how I was feeling. Sure, bad things can happen at any time. But the fact that it happened on that particular day when I was feeling especially low, it goes to show you. We must be mindful of our words, our thoughts, and our feelings as they have real, tangible repercussions.

I wish you all a day filled with beautiful moments that fill your heart with joy. If you’re sitting on a bench on a beautiful summer day, waiting for your friend, please take a moment and enjoy. Don’t think about that friend who’s been getting under your skin or that comment your father made. Just breathe, relax, and feel the love all round you. The beauty is there if you’ll open your eyes.

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