Business Presentation Training – Quickly Take Command, Gain Influence, and Rock Your Presentation

If you have ever wondered what the difference is between a boring, snooze-fest and a rocking presentation with big results then read on! Like many things in life, the difference between poor, good, and great is small, sometimes imperceptible, yet the results are very different. So what will take your presentation from bland to riveting, from a detached audience to one that is engaged, connected, and interacting? The difference can be seen right from your opening!

The most effective presentation training will tell you that you must quickly take command of the room and get them interacting, if you want to keep your audience engaged and entertained. This presentation training secret comes from the NLP techniques that help you gain rapport and influence right from the start.

Presentation Training Tip #1: Open your presentation with two questions.
Presentation Training Tip #2: Ask for a hand raise.
Presentation Training Tip #3: Lead by example.

Open your presentation with two questions. The questions should be complimentary so that they will end up including the majority of people in the room. In other words one question will get a “yes” response from a large portion of the room (who is a dog a lover). And then second question will get a “yes” response from the rest (and who is a cat lover). You’ll see another example in a moment.

Notice that before I ask the question I am also going to prompt people for the hand raise I want, by asking them directly for a hand raise. Lastly, after you ask each of your key opening questions, you are going to raise your own hand in response, as if you are answering your own question along with the rest of the group. So after the first question you will raise your right hand, and after the second question you will raise your left hand. This will help people feel comfortable responding.

Here how this might all look:
By a quick show of hands, How many of you have ever sat through a dry, boring presentation that left you checking your watch or your text messages? (raise your right hand) Now on the other hand how many of you have ever had a presentation be so engaging and fun that the time just flew by? (raise your left hand) Great well either way you answered you are in for a treat. Because this program is going to show you how a well-trained memory can help you deliver entertaining presentations with absolutely no notes! So you can toss the notes and cue cards, and focus on leading more engaging, interactive presentations. You’ll be looking like a pro in no time!

Can you imagine how much more interesting this is than simply saying, “Hi, I’m Kristin and we are going to talk about your memory and how it affects your presentation skills. Blah blah blah.”

In addition to being more compelling this techniques also sets the president for the YOU LEAD – THEY FOLLOW relationship that you want in a successful presentation. So later when you ask them to sign up for your newsletter or buy your product or set up another meeting, they will already be used to following your lead!

Add this presentation training tip to your toolbox, I know it will help you see better results from your next business presentation, public speaking opportunity, or sales presentation . Grab them in the opener, and your off to a great start! Your audience will have more fun, and you will see better energy, and better results!

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